What You Know That Isnt So, Part Three

Myth:В When you go through menopause, it is normal to gain weight.В
Fact:В Repeated studies confirm that weight gain is not an inevitable part of menopause. So why do so many women gain weight at this time?В Its the same old story.В As you get older, you consume the same number of calories, but youre less active. The reduced physical activity results in less muscle mass, which causes a slower metabolism. As a result, you burn fewer calories and the unused calories end up as fat.

The cure is the same as in anyВ good weight-reduction program: a sensible diet, increased physical activity and muscle strengthening exercises.В The exercises strengthen the muscles, which increases their metabolism.В This increases your overall metabolism, which burns more calories and gets rid of your fat.В The result?В A trimmer figure.

Myth:В A large lunch will make you sleepy.

Fact:В Its false. You may get sleepy after lunch, but your lunch has nothing to do with it.В Its because that is the time of day when your circadian rhythmВ (your biological clock) makes you sleepy.В Its the same rhythm that makes you sleepy at bedtime,В wakes you up in the morning and makes you tired in the afternoon.В Its the reason that many people throughout the world take a siesta in the afternoon.В Dont blame your lunch.

Myth:В When you freeze food, you kill all the germs in the food.В В

Fact:В Freezing will kill some of the germs but not all of them. It just stalls the growth of the germs that are not killed.В When you thaw that food, these germs resume their growth, and often at an even faster rate. If, after thawing, you cook the food thoroughly, youll have no problem since the cooking kills any viable germs.В В

Myth:В Honey or brown sugar is better for you than table sugar.В В

Fact:В Honey, brown sugar and table sugar are all nutritionally the same.В One is no better for you than another.

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