Reaching the Unreachable. Part 3

Team up with others

Establish collaborations with health professionals, hospitals, clinics and local physicians to develop a more comprehensive health improvement program for patients. Most of these health professionalsare seeing more patients in less time, making it impossible to give the necessary time for exercise and lifestyle-change recommendations. Think of your role as extending or enhancing the continuum of healthcare.

Expand geographic location

Many locations in the U.S. are currently being serviced by few, if any, fitness professionals. Travelling out of your area a few days a month might allow you to offer programs and services to communities that are currently being offered nothing. This is when teaming up with school boards, local businesses or government agencies can be helpful. While some potential clients cannot seem to find a motivating factor to get healthy, other potential clients are hungry for health- and fitness-related information. Challenge yourself to find these people and what they need.

As ahealth and fitness professional, you are in a perfect position to help improve the health of your community. You just have to keep finding and trying new ways to reach the unreachable.

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