Reaching the Unreachable. Part 2

Identify motivations

In the same health improvement class, more than half of the participants could not identify a strong motivation to become more active and eat healthier. In all of the cases, they knew they were at an increased risk of developing chronic health conditions, and that these conditions could likely lead to premature death. Even the thought of dying was not motivation enough. These participants were frustrated from previous, unsuccessful attempts to get healthy.

To motivate these individuals, they needed to see how this program was different. Then, their confidence needed to be built up so they would believe they had the ability to change. Only then could they begin to identify motivating factors. While it can be a lengthy task to identify individual motivations, if you do, you can better understand the members you are trying to recruit,and keep the ones you already have.

Offer incentives

Incentives can motivate people who have a lull in their program, or canhelp those who are contemplating getting healthier get start ed. One of the best incentives for retention of old members and acquisition of new recruits is cost savings. This may be more feasible if you go through an employer and convince them to subsidize club or personal trainer fees. If nothing else, you can also offer useful incentives like pedometers, blood pressure monitors, cookbooks, name recognition, or any token to award members for attendance or following through with their goals.

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