Getting the Most from a Qi-Gong Class, Part 2

Sometimes, when a person is agitated or irritable, the music or sound of gongs will really annoy them. Also, if a person is sensitive to fragrances, incense will be a major irritant. Speak to the instructor before class about this. As I am highly sensitive to fragrances, I will use incense when I’m away so the smoke has dissipated before I return, yet the fragrance lingers.

If the teacher utilizes a space outside of their own, they may not be able to do this since they will arrive just before class starts. No fragrance is better than one that irritates the students (or teacher). Also, if you are feeling irritable or agitated before class, you may want to arrive early and go for a run or walk to blow off the energy rather than bringing it into a class with you. If it’s a faster movement class such as an intermediate or advanced dance class (ashtanga yoga or something of a nature) where you will move the stagnant energy with the faster movement, you can get rid of the energy in class rather than burning it off ahead of time.

I will often take my students for a quick walk so they can release the pent-up energy from their day or from their drive to class. Then, we can get to the slower movements.

For the last question, when I go to a class that’s ongoing, I will usually place myself somewhere in the middle so I have someone in front (preferably the teacher) and someone to either side. So, if the teacher is facing front, I can look to the side and see what he or she may be doing. As a teacher, I will often change the dynamics of the class or change my own position. I’ve found that most people tend to stay in the same position in each class. If they start at the back, they stay at the back.

What I will do at the beginning of a series of classes is encourage the students to move around until they are in a position to see me, and continue to reposition themselves as necessary during the classes. Another thing I do, knowing that many people will not do this, is have the students on the right move to the left side, and the people in the back move to the front and vice versa.

Often, I’ve been told in my own classes that someone felt they hadn’t gotten enough “personal” attention. When someone is looking as though they are getting the movement, they tend not to get as much attention as someone who is having more difficulty. Also, in a class of 20-plus students, there is only so much “personal” attention to be had.

If you would like more attention in a class, ask for it. No teacher I know, including myself, is a mind reader. If there is something you need or want, it helps you, your classmates and the teacher if you ask. Also, don’t wait until class is over to ask one-on-one. You are paying for a specific class time. The teacher will probably have other plans for after class or may just want time for themselves between classes.

If you want a private lesson, make an appointment. Even though the teacher may have some more advanced students assisting, it’s not a good idea to ask them after class for some private instruction.

They are often not getting paid to assist at all, and certainly they are not getting paid for after-class time.

Please be considerate of the instructor’s time.

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