Four Get Fit — April

Hi! My name is April and I’m a 24-year-old assignment manager for a staffing company. For the past three months, I also have been working part time in a retail store. Before I started my second job, I was on the road to getting back in shape. I was going to kickboxing one or two times a week, and I tried to watch what I was eating.

My life started getting really hectic and I didn’t have time to workout, much less eat healthy. Now that the holidays are over and I’m working a lot less, I feel like it is time to get my life back in order. I’ve tried all kinds of diets and know how to eat right if I want to. My problem seems to be my motivation. I can start off great and do well for a while, then, slowly but surely, I get off track and seem to stay there.

I’m hoping that by taking part in Four Get Fit I will get motivated, lose weight, and just look and feel better overall. I want my energy level to be like it was six years ago. I would love to gain back some of the confidence I had when I looked and felt that good. Hopefully, this will be the solution to my never-ending struggle!

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