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Developing Employees. Part 3

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Responding to the market

With competition or the threat of competition, the first thing many owners do is cut membership rates and employee costs and benefits. This directly conflicts with growing your organization and keeping quality employees. Dropping rates is an easy short-term approach, but it will always be the first step to putting a club out of business. As prices drop, more members will join the club. (more…)

Developing Employees. Part 2

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

With the onslaught of Web-based technology (see Value of an Intranet by Adam B. Shaw, Fitness Management, Nov. 99, p.34), the average health club is quickly changing to incorporate new services. Members will be able to check whether a payment was received, make online payments and track their use of the club. (more…)

Developing Employees. Part 1

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Just as is the case with members, developing and keeping good employees
is more profitable than continually replacing them.

Within the fitness industry, owners have fought an ongoing conflict between providing long-term job stability and career opportunities for employees, and meeting business and profit expectations for themselves and their investors. (more…)